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Global Reach Technology collaborates with Level 3 Communications to offer free Wi-Fi services.


Free community Wi-Fi services are being created, launched and managed via the GlobalReach Wi-Fi management platform for UK rail customers. Working together since 2014, GlobalReach and global network services provider, Level 3, saw an opportunity to help businesses offer their customers guest and corporate Wi-Fi services with a minimum bandwidth of 1MB.

ScotRail Customer Deployment

The two companies have been able to capitalise on new market opportunities across the UK. Their first engagement was the design, rollout and ongoing management of the ScotRail guest Wi-Fi service. Level 3 has significant fibre-based assets which support the UK rail network, and GlobalReach, applying its previous experience of working with London Underground, was able to design a proposition for the transport sector.

Available at 60 stations since 2014, the free passenger service, is based on Level 3’s Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network, alongside GlobalReach’s AAA RADIUS and captive portal platform, which is used to provision and authenticate users. Access points and controllers are installed on the station platforms to manage traffic.

Since the service launched in Feb 2014, it’s been used by over 1.2 million users[1].

The service is also configured to offload Wi-Fi traffic. When a train pulls into a station, the GlobalReach platform recognises the train’s MAC address, pulling all subscriber mobile traffic onto the station’s Wi-Fi network. This delivers a better, more reliable user experience while the train is parked.

Behind the scenes, administrators are able to set policies, create, view, remove and administer all wireless service accounts, to create a custom user experience and maintain service quality.

The GlobalReach platform is also used to support similar Level 3 guest Wi-Fi services for other customers in transport and legal sectors. For the legal customer, the captive portal has been built using the new GlobalReach captive portal builder wizard.

Key Highlights

– Guest and corporate Wi-Fi services for passengers and staff
– 60 ScotRail stations were first deployment in 2014
– Used by over 1.2 million users since launch
– Based on Level 3’s Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network, alongside GlobalReach’s AAA RADIUS and captive portal platform

[1] Data for period Feb 2014-October 2016.

Global Reach Technology Shortlisted for Wireless Broadband Alliance Industry Award

November 16, 2016, Wireless Global Congress, San Jose: We’re excited for tonight’s Wireless Broadband Alliance Awards 2016 in San Jose.

We’re a finalist in the Best Consumer-Centric Wireless Service Innovation category for our work in creating a seamless global user experience over Wi-Fi, whilst minimizing latency.

The WBA Industry Awards promote successful practices and strategies in different aspects of the convergence and coexistence in the wireless broadband industry.

Good luck to all finalists.

Global Reach Technology Provides Provisioning Power Behind New World Wi-Fi Day Drive to Boost Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 Roaming

GlobalReach Technology is providing the Wi-Fi OSU behind a new Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) programme to increase the number of consumers using Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 by giving them automatic, secure and seamless roaming across city hotspots.

Under the umbrella of the World Wi-Fi Day, New York City, San Francisco, San Jose and Singapore are temporarily setting up a city Wi-Fi roaming service. The free service will allow citizens and visiting carrier customers in the different cities to use the hotspots automatically once they’ve downloaded the Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 profile.

Users simply make a one-time download of the profile from worldwifiday.odyssys.net for seamless roaming across the cities and at all other next generation hotspots in the future.

“Using Next Generation Hotspot and Passpoint technology, the user experience is automatic and secure. It’s a perfect way for wireless service providers to add extra capacity and coverage,” said Tiago Rodrigues, senior director, Wireless Broadband Alliance.

The GlobalReach captive portal and AAA RADIUS platform for service providers features a built-in Hotspot 2.0 OSU as standard. The platform is already used to support some of the largest city Wi-Fi networks including LinkNYC, San Francisco and San Jose. It can support more than a billion authentications a month, across any mobile platform.

Wi-Fi Passpoint standard now knits together SF, San Jose, London


PCWorldLogo-2012_red-300x65A partnership that lets Wi-Fi users get on free public networks in San Francisco and San Jose, California, with a one-time joining process now also  covers a hotspot along the River Thames in London.

Global Reach Technology enables seamless secure public Wi-Fi roaming across the Atlantic

wireless-logoGlobalReach Technology connects London to cities of San Francisco and San Jose with seamless, secure Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi service allowing users to access participating Wi-Fi networks automatically.

Cloudessa, Inc has been acquired by GlobalReach Technology

GlobalReach Technology, the cloud WiFi company has acquired the Intelligent Captive Portal and Cloud RADIUS / AAA technology company, Cloudessa, Inc.

GlobalReach is the leading provider of carrier-grade cloud WiFi and Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 services. They have designed and built some of the world’s most complex WiFi services. Odyssys® is their cloud WiFi software solution that provides businesses large and small with private and public WiFi. Their experience and depth of knowledge of all things cloud, analytics and WiFi ensures that customers can depend on reliable, scalable services that work with all common WiFi hardware.

Cloudessa, whose mission is to provide businesses with powerful and versatile cloud-hosted network access security solutions, produces smart, cost-effective products that allow enterprises and hotspot network providers to secure and control all WiFi, BYOD, and remote VPN access to their networks.

Commenting Nigel Wesley, CEO, said, “The acquisition of Cloudessa is a good fit with GlobalReach. It offers us access to a powerful technology platform. We will be integrating the technology into our Odyssys® cloud WiFi service, adding some great functionality to our carrier-grade WiFi, including integration with Google Apps, Social WiFi and other widely used enterprise databases, such as LDAP and Active Directory. We look forward to delivering a broader set of services to our customers and helping them get more out of their WiFi.”

Visit the GlobalReach Technology website

Captive Portal Sign In for Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps

With the explosive growth in the use of mobile devices, WiFi access has become increasingly important to businesses over the past few years. As you move to implement WiFi access, one important consideration is how user authentication will be handled: Will you be forced to create and maintain a separate database of usernames and passwords for WiFi access? Or is there an easier way?

When you implement RADIUS authentication and captive portal solutions from Cloudessa, there’s an easier way: You’ll be able to reuse your existing authentication infrastucture — for example, Active Directory — to authenticate WiFi users as well, with no additional data entry required.

  • You can use your existing authentication stores, including Active Directory, SQL, and LDAP, to authenticate WiFi users
  • For captive portal access, your WiFi users can connect using their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn credentials
  • You can enable SAML-based login, authenticating users to the network against SAML providers Ping Identity, Okta, OneLogin, or Microsoft ADFS
  • If you’ve moved your productivity tools to Google Apps, you can even authenticate your WiFi users against the database of usernames and passwords stored by Google in the cloud

The Cloudessa AAA engine lets users quickly and easily login to the WiFi network with existing credentials – avoiding the hassle of creating and remembering credentials for the different networks they access.

Cloudessa supports industry-standard security protocols, including RADIUS, 802.1x, PEAP, EAP-TTLS, WPA2-Enterprise, PAP, and CHAP; for captive portal access, it also supports OAuth and SAML.

Read more about Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service and Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service.

Secure, Easily Managed WiFi Access Based on Industry-Standard 802.1X

Are you concerned your WiFi network isn’t as secure as it needs to be? Does your company’s WiFi security depend on outdated technologies such as WEP or WPA? Has the cost of implementing secure WiFi always been prohibitively high for your organization?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we encourage you to take a look at Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service.

Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service is a cloud-hosted RADIUS server that provides powerful WiFi security and management benefits, at an affordable price that scales with size.

  • It provides industry-standard WiFi security — Cloudessa supports industry-standard WiFi security protocols including 802.1X, WPA2, and EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, and EAP-PEAP, to ensure the security of users’ login credentials and data on the wireless link.
  • It slashes network management time — Cloudessa RADIUS authenticates WiFi, BYOD, and VPN users against your existing credential stores, including Active Directory, SQL, LDAP, and new cloud user stores such as Google Apps. You won’t need to manually enter usernames and passwords or perform other redundant tasks, and your critical data stays completely under your control.
  • Its cloud-hosted architecture provides significant cost savings — With Cloudessa, there are no dedicated servers to maintain, no software to install, and no maintenance subscriptions to buy; instead, you pay a low monthly subscription fee based on the number of users who connect.

Read more about Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service.

Simplify WiFi / BYOD Access and Cut Costs

More and more organizations are moving network services and productivity tools to the cloud, and with good reason: No software to install, no servers to maintain, and usage-based subscription fees. These benefits provide compelling cost savings, and free IT staff to focus on core functions.

Now, Cloudessa is offering cloud-hosted WiFi user authentication, security, and management: You’ll get the robust functionality you need to set up secure WiFi access for employees and convenient network access for visitors, as well as the ability to engage with connected WiFi users — all while enjoying the cost-savings benefits of a shared multi-tenant infrastructure.

Cloudessa’s products include:

  • Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service is a low-cost, scalable way to add RADIUS/802.1x authentication to your network. Whether you’re new to RADIUS or wish to replace your on-premises RADIUS servers, Cloudessa vastly simplifies how you manage and secure Wi-Fi, BYOD, and remote VPN access to your network. It’s simple to configure, allows you to pay for only the services and number of users you actually require, and is free for up to 10 users.
  • Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service — Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service is a cloud services platform that lets organizations easily deploy WiFi access via browser-based login, and engage with connected WiFi users.