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RADIUS/AAA & Captive Portal Technical Overview

Configuring your Devices for Cloud Captive Portal services

Configuring Meraki

1. Log in to Meraki Dashboard
1 Configuring Meraki

2. Go to Access control section. Edit existing SSID or create a new one.
Edit existing  SSID (1)

Edit existing  SSID (2)

Set the following parameters:

  • Association requirements: Open (no encryption)
  • Splash page: Sign–on with
  • Sign–on with: <your RADIUS server>
  • RADIUS for splash page: Enter Cloudessa Cloud Captive Portal parameters
    (RADIUS Server IP, RADIUS Authentication Port, RADIUS Shared Secret)
  • Captive portal strength: Block all access until sign–on is complete
  • Walled garden: Walled garden is enabled
  • Walled garden ranges: Enter list of IP addresses

NOTE: You should look through all of your portal authentication providers and copy lists of IP addresses to your Meraki device walled garden.

3. Go to the Splash page section
Splash  page section

Set the following parameters:

  • Custom splash URL
  • URL Or provide a URL where users will be redirected: Enter Cloudessa Cloud

Captive Portal parameters (Splash Page URL). You Meraki configuration is finished.

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