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RADIUS/AAA & Captive Portal Technical Overview

Two–Factor Authentication

Cloudessa supports 2–Factor Verification with the Google® Authenticator application for smartphones.

To authenticate against a Cloudessa RADIUS server, a user must possess not only a valid password, but also the PIN number generated by the Google Authenticator application.

Google Authenticator incorporates time based one–time passwords (TOTP) to enable an additional layer of security.

Cloudessa supports the Google Authenticator application to enable 2–step authentication.

The Authenticator application generates a temporary six digit PIN that users must enter to gain access to a network. A new PIN code is generated each 30 seconds, and the user must enter the current PIN (in addition to their standard password for two– factor authentication –   for example, mypassword,123456. ) Without the PIN code, a user cannot authenticate.

2–Step Verification is also available for administrative access via the Cloudessa Web UI.  (What does this refer to – need to be more explicit)

Authentication with the Google Authenticator application is only available with a paid Cloudessa account

Google authentication is enabled on a per–user basis. Once Google Authenticator access is enabled for a particular user, RADIUS and Web UI access for the user requires the PIN code generated by Google Authenticator as well as the password (for 2–step authentication).

Cloudessa Web Services API

Cloudessa provides JSON–based Web Services API that can be used to programmatically utilize Cloudessa services.

Contact Cloudessa support for API documentation.

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