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New Authentication Service Opportunity for VARs and MSPs

Managed and “White Labeled” Authentication Services Powered by Cloudessa RADIUS

Cloudessa RADIUS – a cloud service that provides a managed RADIUS/802.1X access solution – makes it easy to deploy and administer RADIUS services on behalf of your customers.

If you deliver cloud and managed WiFi solutions, manage the migration of apps to the cloud, or provide other managed IT services to your enterprise customers, Cloudessa RADIUS will let you expand your service offerings, strengthen your customer connections, and drive additional sources of recurring revenue – without having to install or maintain your own hardware or software.

Services based on Cloudessa RADIUS provide the following compelling benefits to customers:

  • Strong WiFi security – Cloudessa RADIUS fully supports industry-standard WiFi security protocols, including 802.1X, EAP-TTLS, and WPA2-Enterprise;
  • Simplified network management – Re-use of existing authentication infrastructure (e.g., Active Directory or other user store) for WiFi, BYOD, and remote VPN user authentication;
  • Single Authentication Solution for all Remote Access – Cloudessa provides a centralized access security platform for all WiFi, VPN, and Firewall user authentication; Cloudessa supports access gateway products from Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus, Aruba, Juniper, and other leading vendors
  • Enhanced network capabilities, such as guest access or customer engagement / captive portal platform
  • Reduced infrastructure spend – Whether you run Cloudessa RADIUS in the public cloud or on a virtual machine, it will dramatically cut your hardware costs and administrative expenses.

When you include Cloudessa RADIUS as part of your service offerings, you’ll be able to create new business opportunities with:

  • Small businesses who have not yet adopted RADIUS/802.1X-based WiFi security because the cost or complexity has been prohibitively high. With Cloudessa RADIUS, customers pay only for the users that access the network, and incur no hardware or software maintenance costs. Learn more
  • Larger enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies who are migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud; these organizations, who often already use on-premises RADIUS servers, are likely to be receptive to the cost savings and simplified management afforded by Cloudessa’s cloud-hosted RADIUS services. Learn more
  • Guest, hotspot and co-working space operators who need a flexible and scalable RADIUS service option that easily integrates with their Captive Portal Sign-on Splash platform. Cloudessa RADIUS provides access control and usage logging, with no physical footprint, and integrates easily with all RADIUS-compliant access equipment. Learn more
  • M2M and Smart Meter network owners who need a way to control access and track network usage for devices such as smart meters, sensors and vending machines. Cloudessa RADIUS performs this function, and requires only a minimal investment of time and infrastructure. Learn more

Offer Cloud-Hosted RADIUS Service, Or Deploy In Data Center

A compelling benefit of including Cloudessa RADIUS as part of your service offerings is that it can be run as a service in the public cloud, or as a virtual appliance either as a service in your data center or on-premises at the customer’s location. This flexibility allows you to architect your customers’ solution in the way that makes the most sense for your service offering.

Integrate Cloudessa RADIUS into new or existing service offerings in any of the following ways:

  • As a public cloud service – this is the standard Cloudessa offering, providing a hosted RADIUS service running in the AWS EC2 Cloud, managed either by the end-customer or by the Cloudessa Partner on behalf of their customer.
  • As a “White Label” managed cloud service – this is an instance of the Cloudessa RADIUS service, private-labeled by Partners and delivered as a managed service to end-customers
  • As a virtual appliance – the Cloudessa RADIUS server packaged as a Virtual Appliance for easy installation in a Partners private cloud to provide a managed authentication service, or in the end-customers data center or private cloud for on-premises RADIUS security.

Leverage Cloudessa RADIUS’s Service Management Features and API for Efficient Deployment

Cloudessa provides a number of service management features that allow you to easily set up and manage your service offerings, including:

  • Create 100% “white-labeled” design, including domain name, logos, styles, and service email addresses
  • Create, configure, and manage customer accounts
  • Switch product features on/off in a fine-grained fashion
  • Capture and view log files detailing per-customer usage for reporting, regulatory, and billing purposes
  • With customer permission access, configure and troubleshoot customer accounts

In addition, Cloudessa publishes a secure JSON web services API that Partners can utilize to significantly facilitate customer deployments. The API allows Cloudessa Partners to automate the updating of the Cloudessa internal database and the interaction with third party guest management systems. Learn more