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Cloudessa RADIUS Virtual Appliance Features and Benefits

The Cloudessa RADIUS Virtual Appliance is an ideal solution for those enterprises who wish to keep RADIUS on-site to ensure service availability, or who wish to upgrade their legacy RADIUS servers to support 802.1X-based WiFi access. Cloudessa RADIUS Virtual Appliance offers all the access management features of Cloudessa RADIUS; in addition, it provides the following functionality:

Install on a Virtual Machine, to Simplify Management and Cut Costs

  • Runs on most virtualization platforms, including VMware, KVM, and others – Cut costs and simplify management by installing Cloudessa RADIUS Virtual Appliance on a shared virtual machine
  • Eliminates the complexity and cost of maintaining a dedicated RADIUS server – Rather than spending time maintaining complex stacks of software on a dedicated RADIUS server, your IT staff will have time to work on core IT functions
  • Upgrade from your legacy RADIUS servers and gain access to powerful new features – Many legacy RADIUS servers are now published by access gateway vendors, who optimize the products for use with their own hardware and invest little in new development or support; when you upgrade to Cloudessa RADIUS Virtual Appliance, you’ll gain support for the latest network access methods, including secure 802.1X-based WiFi access and 2-factor authentication, and a vendor -neutral authentication platform that gives you the flexibility to deploy any vendors products in your network.

Deploy on Distributed Networks to Extend RADIUS-Based Access to All Locations

  • Cost-effectively manage and secure network access in retail stores, branch offices and other regional locations – Centralize the security and management of all WiFi, BYOD, and remote VPN access on your distributed network
  • Ensure reliable RADIUS even where the Internet is unreliable – Deploy Cloudessa RADIUS Virtual Appliance to regions where Internet access is spotty, to provide reliable RADIUS-based access security at all times.