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Using Two-Factor Authentication with Cloudessa RADIUS

Heighten Access Security with 2-factor authentication

Enabling Google Authenticator and Time-Based One-Time Passwords

For enhanced access security, and to satisfy regulatory network access security requirements, Enterprises can now easily add a “time based one time passwords” (TOTP) as a second layer of authentication, in addition to a password, to assure that only authorized users get on the network.

Cloudessa, in combination with Google Authenticator, enables the use of one-time-password security tokens via smartphones.

TOTP is an emerging standard for two-factor authentication, with support of such vendors as Google, Amazon and Dropbox. Google Authenticator is a widely installed free smartphone application that supports TOTP.

Cloudessa RADIUS supports the use of TOTP for securing user access to enterprise networks viaWi-Fi and remote VPN. Cloudessa also provides a web-services API to integrate TOTP logins into enterprise web applications.