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Cloudessa RADIUS Features and Benefits

Simplify Wi-Fi / BYOD Access Security and Cut Costs

Cloudessa RADIUS is a cloud service that runs on Amazon Web Services and lets you securely authenticate and control network access for all your users and devices, without the cost and complexity of an on-premises RADIUS deployment.

Cloudessa RADIUS provides the following functionality:

Control and Manage all Network Access – in the Cloud

  • Centrally manage all WiFi, BYOD, and remote VPN access to your network – simplifying management and security, while maintaining full control of your critical data
  • Save time and money by leveraging Cloudessa RADIUS’s shared multi-tenant infrastructure – focus on your business without the cost and complexity of owning and maintaining a RADIUS infrastructure
  • No hardware or software to install
  • Based on FreeRADIUS, a market-tested RADIUS server deployed on thousands of networks around the globe

Securely Authenticate All WiFi Users Against Your Existing Credential Stores

Cloudessa RADIUS:

  • Works with native, enterprise, and cloud-based user stores, for seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure. With Cloudessa RADIUS, you can authenticate WiFi, BYOD, and remote VPN users against a native user data store, existing enterprise user stores such as Active Directory, LDAP, or SQL databases such as Oracle and MySQL, and against new cloud user stores such as Google Apps.
  • Supports industry-standard 802.1X authentication protocols, for the strongest credential security. Use EAP protocols such as TTLS, PEAP, LEAP, and MS-CHAPv2 for user logins, or use non-EAP protocols such as PAP for device authentication.
  • Ensures data security via WPA2-Enterprise and US-government-compliant cryptography.Cloudessa RADIUS ensures data security over the WLAN through the use of WPA2-Enterprise encryption protocol. And, Cloudessa RADIUS performs all cryptographic operations using a FIPS-validated cryptographic module, utilizing FIPS 140-2 Approved cryptographic algorithms and key management.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Even More Protection

Cloudessa RADIUS supports the use of the Google Authenticator app for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows for Two-Factor and Time Based – One Time Password (TOTP) authentication, allowing these devices to connect securely to the network.

Cloudessa RADIUS two-factor authentication works instantly with all password-based authentication protocols and requires no change to existing Network Access Servers or RADIUS clients.

Centrally Manage All Access Security, Even On Multi-Vendor Networks

With Cloudessa RADIUS, you can effortlessly integrate RADIUS-enabled products from multiple vendors.

Cloudessa RADIUS works with any RADIUS-compatible network access gateway, including Wi-Fi Access Points (APs), VPNs, Firewalls, or Remote Access Servers from Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, Juniper, and other leading vendors.

And, Cloudessa RADIUS supports each vendor’s custom RADIUS attributes, to ensure access to the full range of features your gateways offer.

License Only the Services and Capabilities You Require; Scale Easily As Your Needs Change

Powered by the Amazon EC2 computing platform, Cloudessa provides highly available and redundant authentication power on demand.

Cloudessa RADIUS easily scales from servicing the needs of a small business or branch office, up to the high-performance needs of the most demanding enterprise, hotspot or service provider network.

Cloudessa RADIUS virtualizes the notion of a RADIUS server. Authentication requests are load-balanced across a cluster of RADIUS servers, and you’ll be able to create a virtual RADIUS server in a single click to quickly respond to the needs of your organization. Use virtual RADIUS server instances to improve logical separation of services and security in your enterprise.

Our transparent SaaS licensing model allows you to subscribe or license only the services and capabilities you actually require. (Click here for pricing/licensing information.)

Easily Configure and Administer Via Web Interface 

  • Use the simple, modern HTML5 browser interface to configure and monitor Cloudessa RADIUS. Our wizards will guide you through the configuration of users, groups, NAS clients, and virtual RADIUS servers to quickly make your service operational.
  • Configure the levels of service appropriate for your network. Configure secure 802.1X-based employee access; and, easily manage network access rights for your visitors, contractors and customers.
  • Track and understand network activity with system logging and reporting. Cloudessa RADIUS provides administrative level reports documenting all network activity, and makes it easy to export usage data as CSV log files that are compatible with external reporting and billing applications. Logs of all administrative access and action are also created.
  • Standards-based, for ensured security and compatibility. Cloudessa RADIUS is compliant with IETF RADIUS RFC’s.
  • Conserve resources with IP address management capabilities. Cloudessa RADIUS supports static IP address assignment and the ability to create and dynamically assign IP addresses from a pool.


To ensure the successful deployment of Cloudessa RADIUS, we make available on-line, email, and phone support resources and options.

Our Technical Staff and our Partners are available to assist you as you configure and deploy Cloudessa RADIUS.

For a complete list of available support resources and options, please click here.