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Cloudessa RADIUS Service

RADIUS Access Security is Now A Cloud Service

Cloudessa RADIUS is a cloud service that provides a managed RADIUS/ AAA and 802.1X access security solution. Now you can securely authenticate and control network access for all your users and devices without the cost and complexity of an on-premises RADIUS deployment.

Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service

Cloudessa RADIUS cloud service centrally authenticates WiFi, BYOD, and VPN users against existing enterprise and cloud user stores, and configures their network connections — increasing security and slashing network maintenance costs.

Control Network Access for all your Users and Devices

Standards-based Cloudessa RADIUS provides the authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) infrastructure that businesses need to control and secure access to their networks and services, delivering the operational efficiency and cost savings of a cloud service, while freeing administrators to focus on core security configuration requirements.

RADIUS is the trusted and proven global standard for securing and controlling network access. It is the policy engine that mediates access through all types of network devices.

Cloudessa RADIUS works with any RADIUS compatible network access gateway, including WiFi Access Points, VPN’s, Firewalls, and other access gateways from Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus, Aruba, Juniper, and other leading vendors.

Powerful and Cost-Effective

RADIUS/AAA is a vital component of any organization’s network. And Cloudessa’s cloud RADIUSservice is a powerful and cost-effective choice for a wide variety of organizations:

  • Small businesses that might not have considered deploying RADIUS before can now avail themselves of powerful 802.1X based security, at an affordable price that scales with size.
  • Larger enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies that are migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud, can now add RADIUS to that list, eliminating the cost of on-premises servers, while simplifying administration, and gaining scalability.
  • Guest, Hotspot and CoWorking Space access providers now have a flexible and scalable RADIUS service option, that easily integrates with Captive Portal Sign-on Splash Pages to provide access control and usage logging, that requires no physical footprint.
  • M2M and Smart Meter network owners that need to control access and accounting for networks of devices such as smart meters, sensors and vending machines can now easily integrate RADIUS into their network on a service basis, without any infrastructure investment.

Powerful Features to Make your Deployment a Success

State-of-the-Art Authentication Capabilities

  • Integrate with your existing user database. You can choose to use Cloudessa’s native user data store to authorize users, or you can link Cloudessa to your existing data store, whether Active Directory, LDAP or SQL databases such as Oracle and MySQL.
  • Integrate with new cloud user stores, such as Google Apps. If Google Apps is your user authentication engine, Cloudessa RADIUS can forward RADIUS authentications to it, allowing your users to log in to the WLAN with their Google credentials.
  • Choose from a variety of authentication protocols. Use MS-CHAPv2, SIP-Digest, MSISDN or EAP protocols such as TTLS, PEAP or LEAP for user logins, or use non-EAP protocols such as PAP for device authentication.
  • Make double-sure with 2-factor authentication. A smartphone can provide a second layer of authentication in addition to a password. Cloudessa, in combination with Google Authenticator, turns your user’s smartphones into one-time-password security tokens.

Advanced RADIUS Functionality

  • IP Address Management – Cloudessa provides flexible IP address management capabilities, including static IP address assignment and dynamic address assignment from a pool.
  • System Logging & Reporting – Cloudessa provides administrative level reports documenting all network login activity, and supports the export of CSV log files compatible with external reporting and billing applications.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Cloud Service – the standard Cloudessa offering, providing a managed RADIUS service residing on the Amazon Web Services platform.
  • “White Label” managed cloud service – the same cloud service, private-labeled for resale by managed service providers.

Easy Administration

Cloudessa’s modern, easy-to-use HTML5 browser interface makes it simple and intuitive to configure and monitor your RADIUS service. And configuration wizards will guide you through the steps that will quickly make your access security operational.

Cloudessa RADIUS Server Administration

Cloudessa’s secure Administrator Dashboard enables easy centralized configuration of all elements of access security.

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