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Cloudessa RADIUS API

Cloudessa offers a powerful Application Program Interface (API) that can be used to integrate Cloudessa RADIUS authentication services with user and guest management systems.

The API framework allows your platform to interact with the network access control infrastructure provided by Cloudessa.

The Cloudessa API is a secure JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) web services API that allows you to create, delete and modify users, groups, guest users and virtual RADIUS servers. Additionally, you can get a list of all active sessions.

With the Cloudessa API, user management systems can dynamically update the RADIUS server to instantly create or delete users in the Cloudessa database, and you can set or modify access rights.

When a user attempts to access the network, Cloudessa uses the updated credentials as the basis for permitting activities on the network.

A custom Captive Portal self-registration can be presented. When a user logs in, the application can make an API call to Cloudessa to add the user.

When a user attempts to access a WiFi network, the Access Point can send a RADIUS request to Cloudessa RADIUS. Cloudessa authenticates the user based on the updated credentials.

To receive technical assistance with your Cloudessa API project, or to discuss any advanced requirements that you may have, please contact us at support@cloudessa.com.

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