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Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service

Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service is a cloud services platform that lets organizations easily deploy WiFi access via browser-based login, and engage with connected WiFi users.

Merchants, venues, hotels, retail outlets, and other hotspot providers can use Cloudessa to easily connect and engage with on-site WiFi customers to upsell products, augment branding and customer loyalty programs, and otherwise influence visitors.

Enterprises, schools, and agencies/institutions can use Cloudessa to easily provide WiFi access to employees, guests, students, and other BYOD users, and to communicate as required to these users.

For example:

  • Hotel owners can offer free WiFi to guests who sign up for their loyalty program
  • Restaurant and franchise store owners can provide a good-today-only coupon to on-site customers
  • Stadium owners can monetize free WiFi via online advertising to WiFi users
  • Club owners can promote and sell tickets for upcoming performances, tailored to the profile of the connected WiFi user
  • Business owners can easily provide branded internet access to visitors and guests

Whether your goal is to monetize the free WiFi service you provide your customers, to influence purchasing behavior in the same way that online retailers are able to, or simply to provide the easiest BYOD network connectivity possible, Cloudessa provides the flexibility you need to create the WiFi user experience that makes sense for your business.

Captive Portal Cloud Service comprises the following components:

  • Captive portal platform includes robust and flexible AAA functionality, capable of supporting virtually any hotspot or enterprise WiFi network.
  • Integration with social networks for social sign-on—WiFi users can authenticate using their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social network credentials
  • Customizable information/offer delivery mechanisms—Add your logo, style , and otherwise customize your captive portal splash page

All components are delivered in the cloud, and there is no requirement to install custom servers or equipment other than UAM-capable WiFi access points or Controllers. (For those organizations that only need secure 802.1X-based WiFi access, please refer to Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service.)

Cloudessa Captive portal

Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service lets you deploy browser-based login to your WiFi network, and provides flexible authentication options to suit your business requirements.

Easily Capture Customers

Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service makes it incredibly easy to provide WiFi access to customers or guests, requiring only a simple browser-based login to gain access.

The Cloudessa AAA engine lets users quickly and easily login to the WiFi network with existing credentials – avoiding the hassle of creating and remembering credentials for the different networks they access.

And, Cloudessa supports the login credentials that make sense for your business:

  • You can authenticate WiFi users against an existing database of usernames and passwords – For example, you may maintain a database of loyalty program members, customers, or employees. In this case, WiFi users would login with their existing usernames and passwords to access the network. Cloudessa can authenticate WiFi users against any backend user store, including LDAP, SQL, Active Directory, and Google Apps.
  • You can enable access via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn – Visitors can access the network utilizing their social networking credentials. With this option, you’ll be able gain valuable insight about the user from their public social network profile, including email address, gender, home location, and age. Cloudessa supports any OAuth-compatible login method.
  • You can enable SAML-based login, authenticating users to the network against SAML providers Ping Identity, Okta, OneLogin, or Microsoft ADFS.

Cloudessa’s robust support for a variety of authentication options ensures that you will always be able to set up the WiFi access security that makes sense for your organization.

Cloudessa Captive Portal

Customize your captive portal page to meet your branding requirements.


If you’re like most hotspot owners, you wish to provide more than WiFi connectivity: you are looking for ways to derive value from the WiFi access you’re providing – by upselling connected customers, growing a mailing list or social network presence, or expanding brand recognition and engagement.

Cloudessa provides ample tools to help you monetize your WiFi service, for both immediate and longer-term customer impact.

Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service makes it simple to create engaging user portal web pages to enhance the on-site user experience with tailored information and promotions for a customers or guest.

Use our web page templates for the quickest deployment or, if you have more sophisticated requirements and web development capabilities, you can fully customize the web page, building new pages or reusing your existing e-commerce resources to enhance your portal.

Whether working from a template or designing your own web pages, you can easily incorporate logos and brand colors onto your page, enable flexible login options with customized business logic, and stream in cloud information resources – for example, location map, weather – or promotional and advertising platforms.

Templates and support are provided for different size mobile device screens and platforms. The Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service passes user device information and browser default language information to the web page for optimizing the display and user experience.

Leveraging insights gained during the login process, and aggregating that with other user data, provides merchants and venues with the signaling and data to dynamically tailor the users experience and enable the delivery of highly targeted coupons and promotions, when used in conjunction with third party coupon and promotional platforms.

Ongoing customer engagement can be enabled through email and the use of retargeting technologies, Google DoubleClick, Facebook AdExchange, and other cloud based coupon, promotion, and advertising cloud services.

Enable Instant Payments and Checkouts

With Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service, you can also enable instant payments and checkouts, and have the flexibility to set-up your own payment processor relationships.

Supported options include both instant payment wallet transactions and checkout processing.

Captive Portal Cloud Service Compatibility

The Captive Portal Cloud Service leverages the user redirect capabilities of WISPr 2.0 UAM enabled WiFi AP’s and Controllers, including those from Ruckus Wireless, Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Motorola and others.

In addition, many of these WiFi AP’s and Controllers include advanced functionality that, when leveraged within the Captive Portal Cloud Service platform, will provide insight and information to enhance and optimize the user experience and portal effectiveness. This functionality includes Geolocation, Presence, and Dynamic Search Insight.

Logging and Session Table

Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service captures and logs detailed records for all network access, providing administrators with the insight needed to address any network access security related questions or issues.

Administrators need to be aware of organizational accountability for network usage.  Captive Portal Cloud Service’s Logging functionality provides detailed network access records that can be used to address various healthcare and financial services industry regulations, and other mandates that require network usage logs.

For More Information

Trial versions of Cloudessa are available by contacting sales@globalreachtech.com.

For additional information regarding Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service, please contact us via email at sales@globalreachtech.com or complete our contact form.

Cloudessa is a currently building a network of value added WiFi resellers.  Please complete our contact form if you are interested in becoming a Cloudessa partner.