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Cloud Captive Portals

Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service, our lets you easily deploy WiFi captive portals.

Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service benefits:

  • Increase the average value of every customer visit — Engage with WiFi users to upsell products, increase social network following, and drive membership in loyalty programs
  • Provide the easiest WiFi connectivity, fully integrated with your existing infrastructure — WiFi users can login with their loyalty program credentials, social networking credentials, or virtually any other back-end database system you’re running
  • Increase brand awareness —  Cost-effectively deliver campaigns that promote brand recognition and engagement

Whether your goal is to monetize the free WiFi service you provide your customers, to influence purchasing behavior in the same way that online retailers are able to, or simply to provide the easiest BYOD network connectivity possible, Cloudessa provides the flexibility you need to create the WiFi user experience that makes sense for your business.

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