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  • Cloudessa’s cloud RADIUS / AAA integrates seamlessly with your existing authentication systems.

    Captive Portal Sign In for Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps
  • Cloudessa’s RADIUS-as-a-Service provides the strong WiFi security you need, at a low price that scales with size.

    Secure, Easily Managed WiFi Access Based on Industry-Standard 802.1X
  • Cloudessa’s WiFi Cloud Services offer maximum cost savings, while critical data stays under your control.

    Simplify WiFi / BYOD Access and Cut Costs
  • Cloudessa’s Captive Portal Cloud Service makes it easy to set up browser-based WiFi login, and engage with customers.

    Cloud Captive Portals

Run Cloudessa Intelligent Captive Portal and Cloud RADIUS / AAA Services to Connect and Engage WiFi Users: