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I configured my Access Point to use Cloudessa RADIUS server, but I can’t authorize

The first and the most widespread mistake – usage of default ports while configuring your network device.
Every virtual server has its own unique port. To find it, do the following steps.

  • – Go to ‘Virtual RADIUS Servers’
  • – Select in the table server you need
  • – Find out minimal required parameters (as on the picture below):

using right auth port

The second common mistake – IP filtering is enabled, but no Source IP added to server.
If you don’t need IP filtering, make sure that ‘Disable IP filtering’ checkbox is selected.

If you need IP filtering, you should create Source IP with the IP address from which you are going to authenticate.

create new source IP

Then attach this Source IP to your Virtual RADIUS Server and make sure that ‘Disable IP filtering’ checkbox is NOT selected.

add source IP to virtual RADIUS server