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How to setup EAP-TTLS with inner PAP on iOS devices

To configure your iOS device to authenticate with TTLS/PAP authentication protocol, you need to do the following:

  1. 1. Download and install “iPhone Configuration Utility”.
  2. MAC OS installation package
  3. Windows installation package
  4. 2. After installing the utility on MAC OS, go to Applications > Utilities and run it.
  5. 3. In the left menu select “Configuration Profiles” and click “New” button in top left corner.


  1. 4. In the left submenu select “General” and set profile Display name and Identifier (other fields are optional).

  1. 5. Click “Wi-Fi” and press “Configure” button.


  1. 6. Set wireless network SSID. Chech “Auto Join”. In “Security Type” field select “WPA / WPA2 Enterprise” option. Select “Protocols” submenu. In “Accepted EAP Types” select TTLS and set PAP as “Inner Authentication” protocol for TTLS.

  1. 7. Select “Authentication” submenu. Input your username and password (all other fields leave blank).

  1. 8. Your profile is configured. Now you need to connect your iPhone(or any other iOS device) to computer. Your device will appear in the left menu. Click on it. Go to “Configuration profiles” tab. In profiles list choose recently created profile. Click “Install” button.

  1. 9. Now your device will ask you to confirm installation of new profile. Click “Install” on your device.

  1. 10. New profile successfully installed. Go to network settings on your iOS device and connect to the network you specified in profile.