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How to connect to Cloudessa RADIUS using WPA2-Enterprise with Windows XP


Configuring WPA2 for Windows XP

Requirements for wireless using WPA2 on Windows XP with Service Pack 2

  • – Your wireless card must support 802.1x, AES, and WPA2.
  • – Windows XP with service pack 2, it is recommended to install all the latest updates (you can download them through the Windows update site http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com ).
  • – Make sure you have the most current drivers for your wireless card.

**Important first step: Windows XP users with service pack 2 must install a Microsoft update to enable WPA2 support before continuing. You will need to restart your computer after downloading
and installing the update. The update can be downloaded at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/893357.

Windows XP users with Service Pack 3 installed may continue with their configuration. Service Pack 3 has WPA2 support by default.

Service Pack 2 users, after installing the update and rebooting, you are then ready to resume the WPA2 configuration.

At the Start Menu select “Run” and type in “ncpa.cpl” and click OK.

This will take you to the network connection screen (Figure 1).

Fig. 1

Right mouse click your wireless connection and verify your wireless card is enabled. If it isn’t enabled then select “enable”. Once your wireless connection is enabled, select properties. This will bring up the following screen (figure 2). Click on the “Wireless Networks” tab. Make sure the “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings” is checked.>/p>

Fig. 2

Click the “Add” button and at the association tab fill out the window as below.

The network authentication is WPA2 and the Data Encryption is AES.

Fig. 3

If WPA2 is not listed as an option, then one of the following is the likely cause:

  • – You haven’t installed the update from Microsoft as directed above (for Service Pack 2 users).
  • – The driver for your wireless adapter does not support WPA2. Check with the manufacturer to see if there is an updated version of the driver available.
  • – Your wireless adapter does not support WPA2.

Fig. 4

Click the “Properties” button and uncheck the “Validate server certificate” option and make sure that the authentication method is Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) as in figure 5.

Fig. 5

Click the “Configure” button and uncheck the box (see Figure 6). This will ensure that the proper login information is used.

Fig. 6

Click Ok on each window until you get back to the original properties screen. There is a box labeled “Advanced”. Click to open it up. Select the choice, “Access point (infrastructure) networks only,” and uncheck the option of automatically connection to non-preferred networks (Figure 7).

Fig. 7

Click “Close” and then OK. Congratulations, wireless using WPA2 is now set up. If you are within range of an access point, you will see the following image (With the name of your wireless connection) (figure 8).

Fig. 8

Click the text balloon and it will take you to the following window (figure 9):

Fig. 9

Enter your Cloudessa RADIUS username and password in the appropriate blanks, but leave the logon domain empty. Click “OK” and you will be authenticated onto the wireless network using WPA2.