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How to connect to Cloudessa RADIUS using LDAP

First of all you need to create new ‘Virtual RADIUS Server’.

  1. 1. Click ‘Create RADIUS Server’
  2. 2. Choose ‘Advanced config’
  3. 3. Give the name and select Auth and inner protocols. IMPORTANT: authentication protocol MUST be set to PAP or EAP-TTLS. If you use EAP-TTLS, inner protocol MUST be PAP.

Then you should create new ‘External User Group’.

  1. 1. Click ‘Create Ext User Group’
  2. 2. Give any name
  3. 3. Set ‘Database server type’ to ‘LDAP’
  4. 4. Fill in all required fields
  5. 5. Click ‘Test Connection’ button and then ‘Next >’ button

Short description of ‘Bind DN or user field’: “DN” is the distinguished name of the entry; it’s neither an attribute nor a part of the entry. “cn=Manager” is the entry’s RDN (Relative Distinguished Name), and “dc=cloudessa,dc=com” is the DN of the parent entry, where “dc” denotes ‘Domain Component’.

Now you need to finish with creating external user group ‘LDAP’.

  1. 1. Select ‘ObjectClass’
  2. 2. Select ‘User name attribute’
  3. 3. Click ‘Create Ext User Group’ button

Then attach this external user group to created RADIUS server (How to add external user group to RADIUS server).

What you should do next is to configure your network devices to work with created RADIUS server.

Configuration is finished.

Now when you’re connecting to network, you should use your LDAP login and password.