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Cloudessa For Hotspot Access, Plus New Pricing

July 2013

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• Welcome, from Cloudessa CTO Stan Kladko

• Powerful Hotspot Access Control from Cloudessa

• Second Look: Cloudessa Service

• New, Simplified Pricing

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Get Control of WiFi and BYOD Access Security, With Cloudessa

Thank you for your interest in Cloudessa solutions. We’ve been hard at work here at Cloudessa, and wanted to provide an update on all that’s been happening.

First and foremost, we are seeing more and more interest from hotspot network owners and service providers who are looking to implement a “captive portal” customer engagement platform as part of their WiFi access. If you’re in the midst of a WiFi deployment for your company or client base, don’t miss our article below on the key role Cloudessa RADIUS and user authentication play in these hotspot deployments.

And, those of you who are managing smaller networks may wish to take a second look at Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service, our cloud-hosted RADIUS solution that offers powerful network security and management benefits, at an affordable price that scales with size.

Finally, concurrent with these new solutions, we are rolling out new, simplified pricing that makes our RADIUS solutions more affordable than ever.

Please keep reading for more information on these topics, and let us know if we can be of any assistance to you. We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Stan Kladko

CTO, Cloudessa

Cloudessa RADIUS Provides Powerful and Cost-Effective Hotspot Access Control

Would you like to derive more value from the hotspot access you’re providing in your retail location, co-working space, or other enterprise?

By implementing “captive portal” browser-based login as part of your WiFi deployment, you can. With these systems in place, you’ll have new ways to build customer and brand loyalty, increase engagement, gain customer insight, and upsell new services.

Cloudessa plays a key role in these WiFi deployments, interfacing with captive portal systems to authenticate users to the network and deliver the appropriate level of service, and is the ideal RADIUS solution for hotspots. It:

  • Is extremely cost-effectiveCloudessa RADIUS is licensed according to number of configured access points (APs), so you pay only for the access you use
  • Supports APs and captive portal browser-based login from all leading vendors, including Meraki, Cisco, and Ruckus WirelessCloudessa interfaces seamlessly with captive portal functionality to provide the user sign-on and service delivery experience you require
  • Configures WiFi customer service levelsCloudessa lets you configure the service levels, such as session time limits or bandwidth restrictions, that make sense for your business
  • Authenticates users against any back-end databaseCloudessa runs with your existing authentication infrastructure; in addition we offer a powerful API that lets you automate the interaction with third party self-registration or user / guest management systems
  • Provides the convenience of cloud-based managementCloudessa requires no physical footprint and eliminates hardware and software costs and complexity

We’ve worked with a number of hotspot operators over the past several months, and are starting to see a significant deployment of Cloudessa RADIUS in these environments. Refer to the links below for more information:

Introducing Cloudessa

Are you worried that you’re not providing an adequate level of WiFi security in your office? Have you evaluated RADIUS servers as a possible solution in the past, only to find them too expensive and time-consuming to install and maintain?

If so, we encourage you to take a look at Cloudessa, our cloud-hosted server , at an affordable price that scales with size.

First and foremost, Cloudessa lets you set up the level of WiFi security in your office you should be running: you’ll be able to configure and enforce industry-standard 802.1X/WPA2 security on your network, providing both strong credential and data security and allowing you to protect against security breaches. Cloudessa also supports VPN access.

In addition to the strong WiFi security it supports, Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service:

  • Is easy to install and run – There’s no software or hardware to install, no redundant and time-consuming data entry, and you can leave the maintenance to us.
  • Slashes network management time and costs Cloudessa RADIUS authenticates WiFi, BYOD, and VPN users against your existing credential stores, including Active Directory, SQL, LDAP, and new cloud user stores such as Google Apps. You won’t need to manually enter usernames and passwords or perform other redundant tasks, and your critical data stays completely under your control.
  • Provides low-cost security, scalable to your requirements – With Cloudessa RADIUS, you pay only for the access you need; we offer licensing based on number of users or devices, and you can increase or decrease these values at any time
  • Offers flexible access options, to support guest or BYOD access – For network access by contractors, partners, or other BYOD users, Cloudessa RADIUS supports the captive portal browser-based login capabilities offered in access gateways such as those by Meraki.

Learn more about the Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service.

New, Simplified Pricing Makes Cloudessa RADIUS More Affordable Than Ever

Based on customer feedback, we have simplified our pricing structure for Cloudessa RADIUS-as-a-Service and the Cloudessa RADIUS Appliance.

Learn more about Cloudessa RADIUS pricing.

Cloud Captive Portals

Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service, our lets you easily deploy WiFi captive portals.

Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service benefits:

  • Increase the average value of every customer visit — Engage with WiFi users to upsell products, increase social network following, and drive membership in loyalty programs
  • Provide the easiest WiFi connectivity, fully integrated with your existing infrastructure — WiFi users can login with their loyalty program credentials, social networking credentials, or virtually any other back-end database system you’re running
  • Increase brand awareness —  Cost-effectively deliver campaigns that promote brand recognition and engagement

Whether your goal is to monetize the free WiFi service you provide your customers, to influence purchasing behavior in the same way that online retailers are able to, or simply to provide the easiest BYOD network connectivity possible, Cloudessa provides the flexibility you need to create the WiFi user experience that makes sense for your business.

Read more about Cloudessa AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service.